DIY Christmas Card Ideas

It is again that time of the year: Christmas card season! Yay 🙂 This is a good opportunity to make some handicrafts. It is purposeful, easy, affordable and fun! You can customize every card to suit its receiver or make a pile of similar cards that represent its sender: YOU! We have here three DIY Christmas card ideas to work with:

Calendarcard 1. Calendar Greetings: Reuse last year’s advent calendars and convert them into a charming Christmas greeting.


2. Simple and Cool: We cut the card base from old grocery carton boxes and glued a piece of used gift wrapper from last Christmas on it as a base for some number and letter stickers that are decorating this beauty.


3. Christmas Cake: This is probably the most laborious design out of these three card ideas. We created the Christmas cake with some brown felt. The icing is cotton wool, while the decorations are made of hobby glitter. A piece of foil acts as the cake mold. Delicious but totally free of calories 🙂

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