Romance of Blue and White – Country romantic cushions

Blue and white, a versatile color combination. It can be seen in highly modern minimalistic Scandinavian interiors as well as in country romantic, shabby chic decorations. You can probably guess already, based on the picture, which one we personally prefer… 🙂 These cushions are a labor of love and they were in fact born as a result of several unneeded fabrics lingering at our feet searching for their place in the world, or namely in someone’s interior.


The first, the frilly one, was a fabric that we adored at the draper´s but while we did not have exactly in mind what we would need it for, we decided to buy it anyway. The piece we bought was however so small that it limited our production options and was therefore left unused for some time. The dark blue linen fabric was a left over piece from upholstering some furniture, while the blue and white floral fabric used as piping was abandoned years ago since its greyish background color hurt our delicate eyes 🙂 We found all the base fabrics suitable both in length and texture for cushions but we could not help noticing that their lack of pattern seemed slightly boring. And that was definitely not something we were aiming for! We rummaged our stashes once more but nothing was found for this problem.

Before total despair, we decided to cheer ourselves up with a nice cup of tea and some lemon tart and, can you believe it, the solution was there in front of our eyes! The napkins accompanying our indulgence were the key! They were made of paper of course but their motifs were perfect and matched our base fabrics. So, we simply used some decoupage varnish for the napkins and attained a washable surface that felt like a slightly rougher fabric. After, we had only to attach them to the cushions with small zigzag stitches and our country romantic feel was maximized again 🙂

P.s. What do you think about the bedcover? We found these blue and white cross-stitches from a flea market and attached them on a matching toile de jouy fabric.

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