Tailored teddy bears – Huggability guaranteed

Need a hug? A hairy hug preferably? With these bears you will never be left without one! Dark autumns definitely require something warm and cuddly to lean on to through the icy rains and northern winds. We decided that orange is the right color for our custom-made teddy bear. The orange color reminds us of the sun that warmed our skins just a little while ago. Well, we also have to admit that we are a bit rebellious to what it comes to colors and gladly chose something besides the most obvious one: brown. While the orange teddy has a slightly impish grin on its muzzle, the smaller white colored bear with roses is definitely the girly one of them. Making your own teddy is not probably the quickest way to tenderness but at least a fun one. And for those who think that teddies are for children: you do not need to admit to anyone that it´s yours, just say it belongs to some random kid nearby. That has worked here for several years already 🙂


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