Hang your hat here, please – The White Rack with Black Numbers

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”, or how was that?  We needed a rack of a certain size to fit a hallway that we were decorating. At first we tried to find one by rambling around several interior design stores but at the end we were not able to find any that would suit our purpose. The space where the rack was about to be installed was quite narrow but as we wanted to maximize the use of the existing space, we decided to tinker a suitable rack by ourselves. After all – how hard can it be! As Frances Mayes, the writer of the lovely Tuscany books said, we took action with strong confidence of totally unaware beginners. And guess what, we made it and it was easy and actually very entertaining!


Wooden basics

We began by buying two boards of glulam. Then we carved all the sharp edges with a knife to create a rustic and a softer look. The long edges of the board are easier to carve but be extra carefully with the shorter ones. They are the difficult ones due to the direction of the wood fibers. After some serious carving, we finalized the look with some sandpaper so that the happy end users would not get splinters in their fingers when using or cleaning the rack. You can also add some fake worm holes with the help of a hammer and a nail, if you are into that kind of things. We sure are 🙂 Also, some random hammering here and there around the wooden parts of your rack is highly recommended to increase the credibility of the vintage look.


After working with the wood, it is time to attach the other parts to your rack. First, attach the upper shelf and the back part of your rack together with some beautiful, squiggly iron angles. You can usually find them from department stores, interior design web shops or hardware stores. We found ours from a discount store selling everything you can dream of, they were 12 euros a piece. Then we added some hooks. These hooks come from Indiska and they had a very nice shape that we fell in love with. They were originally painted with beautiful turquoise color but because we needed an all white product, we had to give them a touch of white paint as well. In fact, also the iron angles received the same treatment.

Add some essential decorative details

At this point our rack was already technically functional but we felt that a little something was still missing. We needed some decorations but wanted to keep the atmosphere restful and simple because the rack, when being in action and in use, would host this and that and therefore, too many decorations would create a messy look that would be just too much. We found some convex porcelain plaques and painted running numbers on them with porcelain paint. You can read more about porcelain painting from our other post telling about custom made racks with monograms. A point worth mentioning is that you don´t have to be a van Gogh to be able to do this trick so take courage! It is only a matter of writing down some numbers  and there are even some pens available that you can use to sketch weak lines before you follow up with the actual paint. Easy and fun! However, if you desire something more challenging, please see for example our post about powder room wall tiles! There you can find some more complicated ideas to implement.

Hanging to the eternity

After all this, everything was ready and our rack was just was so adorable that we simply had to hang something on it. And after that we kept on hanging and hanging and hanging happily ever after 🙂

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