Sophisticated tranquility with shades of aqua – A living room decoration

Spectrum of a fountain

Aqua – The lovely shade of coolness. It is a calming, yet at the same time, a refreshing color to add to your interior. In this living room, light shades of aqua have been enriched by some hints of darker turquoise, petrol blue and green. And yes, quite a lot of cushions for one sofa, but can you really blame us: it was such a joy to bring them all together! The cushions that are decorated with text, a butterfly and sequins came from H&M Home. The fabric for the woolen cushion is by Tilda. It has exactly the right shade as well as a lovely homely texture. The white, woolen blanket on the right is from IKEA. The two porcelain vases on the coffee table were found during our hunting trips to flea markets. They were around 10 euros apiece. While both were missing lids and were actually light blue colored, not aqua, we didn’t mind. We only needed to add another velvet cushion: a light blue one. What a nice excuse again for some cushion shopping!


A variety of textures to empower the color statement

We think that by using different textures you can create special savor to the otherwise tender color palette of the interior. The velvet cushions give a sophisticated dim shine while the sequins bring a hint of luxury to this else easy-going interior. The woolen surfaces as well as the furry ones are compelling for one that is looking for a nice and soft place to snuggle in. A very desirable feature in a living room – we are sure of that, thanks to our personal experiences 🙂


Color washed accessories

What would a room be without some appropriate accessories? In our case, this does not mean only functionality but also, and actually rather, the right shade of color to complement the rest of the interior. We found some perfect items from the flea market such as this small vase, candle holder and a lamp made out of an old bottle. We think that it was a reasonable bargain when we spent in total four euros for all three. The lamp however did not have a shade, so we made one with matching linen fabric and added some pompom ribbon. The frame for the shade was also a flea market treasure costing 50 cents. We needed to cut off the original fabric and replace it with our own. The photo frame in the middle is by Tiger, as well as the cute velvet bunny. The photo frame was originally gold colored, so we added some aqua paint to it to match the scenery. The metallic photo frame on the left is not only the heaviest but also the most expensive object of this display. We paid 30 euros for it at a department store but as you know, sometimes you just have to have it, no matter the expense! As Sarah Richardson, an interior designer with a style to admire once said, if you save somewhere, it´s possible to splurge elsewhere. We think that if a thought to follow!


All in all we think that the pale pearl grey is a restful background for our composition. Above the small cupboard that the composition was on, we placed a self-made rack where we may display our other treasures. If you like to make a similar rack yourself, see our easy instructions of a post about racks.


Above you can see a piece of handicraft that is much faster to produce: the heart shaped pearl ribbon. It is both easy and fun and very satisfactory when you can see the progress you make, pearl by pearl, when the string of pearls gets longer and longer. The experience is very much the opposite of housework that always seems to start again from the beginning when you think that was that! We highly recommend handicrafts instead of those endless tasks. Besides they will alwats wait for you, so no rush!

Bird house in aqua

Blue Birds are singing above your head

If you have the ambition for some more drastic changes than sewing a few cushion covers, try this adorable wallpaper by PIP. One just wants to flit around the room, when glancing it! The bird decoration is an old friend that happened to match the wallpaper better than well, or what do you think? After introducing the bird theme, we were more than happy to add some resting places for our songbirds and placed few birdhouses on the walls. Hope to get some eggs too and more flyers in the air 🙂

P.S. The temperature in this room is of course measured by a thermometer decorated with – guess what – with birds, tweet, tweet!


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