Toile de Jouy – Source of Joy

“Toile de Jouy” is a pattern where different picturesque moments are presented. Toile de Jouy can portray for example sweethearts having an afternoon picnic at the countryside. Flower arrangements, different animals or charming countryside images may be presented. Quite often the monochrome motif is presented on a white background. Even though the toile de jouy pattern has a long history, it has found its way to the hearts of today’s interior designers as well. We here at Limonaria also wanted to work with this pattern and created these handicrafts.

Potpour Why not cut it a little?

You can enjoy the toile de jouy just as it is at your home on wallpapers, fabrics etc. but it is also a great starting point for many different kinds of handicraft. As we had only a small piece of this beloved fabric, we wanted to maximize its effect by cutting the motifs out of the fabric with scissors. Then we sew the out-cut motifs with a sewing machine onto a white base fabric with a dense zigzag stich. You do not even have to fold (which is a torment to be avoided) the edges if you use dense zigzag. However, if your fabric is wrinkled, better iron it first. This will ease the sewing as will also fastening the motif with a few pins onto the fabric. This way you will get a smooth end result.


Ideas to work with

We associated this nice, lilac colored toile de jouy fabric immediately to lavender and to its charming scents and made some small potpourri sachets  filled with dried lavender flowers. We happen to have lavender in our garden and it is blooming quite nicely at the moment. To accompany our scented potpourri sachets in the linen closet we decided to create also some towels. For the towels we chose white waffle cloth and for decoration a clip of cotton lace. We thought that these two, the toile de jouy towel and the small potpourri sachet, would also make an adorable gift for someone who appreciates a touch of romance in life. Are there any left? 🙂 In addition, we noted that this method can be used in numerous places at your home. See e.g. our curtains decorated with some cut off toile de jouy motifs.




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