Nice to meet you Little Emily, Grandma Elsie, Mr. McIntosh and others. Would you like to have a custom made rack?

Sometimes it feels that when you are looking for something particular, it never seems to catch your eye. But then after a moment, when you’re just short on money or have just decided not to shop anything, then things, lovely bargains, start popping out everywhere.

For instance, if you’re looking for a rack to put to a very certain place, it might be easier to make one yourself than to try and find a one that exactly fits. This case might occur when there is a limited amount of space to use or if you wish to have an item of certain color to match the rest of you interior. We have been in this situation several times, as a matter of fact. There is also at least one other post we’ve made about this decorative challenge 🙂

Well, back to the rack. It is often forgotten that the rack does not have to be solely a functional object but that it may as well act as a special design feature at your home. And for that reason it is totally entitled to receive all possible attention 🙂

DSC00547 (2)

There are several easy ways to create a unique custom made rack. For this purpose, you can buy individual wooden boards, or glulam in case you need a broader rack. If you adore a rustic vintage look, as we here at Limonaria do, you can soften and wear out the original sharp edges of your board by carving a textured effect with a knife or if you prefer a milder version, just by sanding the edges lightly with sandpaper. Similarly you can “add years” for your rack by adding some worm holes with the help of a hammer and a nail or just some random hammering here and there to prove that you rack has seen some action during its long life of use.


We wanted to go even further with the individualism and decided to monogram our rack. For this purpose we chose some porcelain signs which we equipped with the names of the future users of the rack. We think that the porcelain signs give a certain shiny luxury to our rack but surely you can also use e.g. some small wooden signs to act as the bases for the monograms. The wooden and porcelain signs can be found at hobby stores. For the rack itself we recommend a color with a strong statement, naturally accompanied with some light strokes of highlight color to emphasize the special places and a few sandpaper touches here and there to give the rustic feeling.

You could use this kind of monogrammed rack for towels, keys, clothes and maybe to hang your coffee mug at your workplace. Where else?


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