Earrings frame – A display for your hidden treasures

Hidden treasures

Earrings are so very enchanting, like miniature works of arts, but more often than not, lie tangled in a pile at the bottom of your jewelery box. Why not display your earrings and decorate you home while they are not decorating you!


Reuse and decorate

We created this beautiful frame for earrings by removing the glass and background of an old, abandoned photo frame. The frame itself can be decorated with a variety of methods. You can find ideas by browsing our other posts.

Framing the lace

We found a lovely lace fabric on sale to act as a background in our frame where all the earrings are placed. You will only need a very small piece of fabric and therefore can use the inexpensive left over pieces of e.g. wedding dress fabrics. Glue the lace fabric with hot glue onto the frame and voilà: you have your instant decoration ready in minutes.

From losses to victories

You can hang the frame with a beautiful ribbon on your bathroom or bedroom wall and you will always be up-to-date with the whereabouts of your favorite jewels. This is also a nice way to benefit from the tragic earring losses you have had during the years: single earring are useless no more. You may enjoy their beauty on this display!


  1. by Vanessa S. on February 9, 2016  21:21 Reply

    This is lovely!

    • by Limonaria on October 20, 2016  09:43 Reply

      Thank you :)

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