Horticultural touch – Black and white motifs for wall tiles in the powder room

Black and white decorations don’t have to be minimalistic. Feel free to enjoy them with flower patterns and ornaments as well. In this powder room we hand painted these wall tiles with herbarium styled violets. Even though the motif is quite romantic, the overall atmosphere remains calm because of the limited color palette.

We chose 10 cm x 10 cm shiny, white colored wall tiles and used black porcelain pigment powder mixed with porcelain painting liquid. All the necessary materials are available at hobby stores. The hobby store that we visited also offers the possibility for amateurs to use the store´s oven since the porcelain paint needs to be heated at a high temperature for it to attach itself on the tiles. After the oven treatment the painted motifs are fixed so that you can use the tiles as any other tiles and also wash them with bathroom cleaners. This is an easy way to attain unique tiles with low cost! And it is also a lot of fun!



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