A boring day at the office – No more! See our quick and easy office decorations

We felt that our office needed some spicening. It was, of course, Monday morning  🙂 We have sadly taken note that very common to all office equipment is that they look quite boring: black, grey or white without decorations. But who said that office equipment cannot be both efficient and beautiful at the same time?


Quick fix to do the trick

We wanted a quick fix and bought a few paper-folders called “Fjälla” at IKEA (c. EUR 2.50 per item). The folders were already of nice color (there are several other nice colors available too !), so no need to change that. As we were happy with the base, we concentrated our strengths on the decorative parts and decided to add a hint of gold paint to the metallic parts such as the name tag holder and the corner covers. They were originally latte colored and felt just somehow, well,  stuffy. A bit of golden shine and Voilà! We chose a can of miniature paint which is available in very small cans and for this purpose you only need very  little.

After these operations the folders were still looking quite uninspiring, so we decided to carry on with the mission of cheering up our desk. We found some enchanting hobby papers and pictures and saw that they would make all the difference and therefore glued them on to our folders. And the best of all, the pictures were already cut off, so easy task again!  When it might be that the stuff inside the folders is boring, the outside definitely is not!

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