Fancy a fancy frame?

Do you have a picture that you love? What you need is a perfect frame for it!

We will show you how to design and create the frame you desire and with low costs just in five easy steps!


Where to start?

STEP 1: Find a frame

First, choose the frame size that fits your need. You can find old frames at second hand stores and at flea markets. It doesn’t really matter if the frame already shows some signs of previous use. Also the uggly ones will do here because they will take part in a makeover of the century ūüôā Therefore, if you happen to come across a sad, brown and hideous looking individual, close your eyes and count to ten. See the beauty that lies beneath that monstrosity – just waiting for you to get cracking!

If you are not a friend of flea markets and their weird smells and prefer effectiveness instead of rambling, visit IKEA. There you can find several suitable frames for this purpose. In this example we used e.g. Ikea¬īs ‚ÄúNyttja‚ÄĚ frame with great success.


STEP 2: Cooking with plaster

For the simplest and fastest results, the chosen frames can be re-painted and antiquated with sandpaper. However, if you’d like to achieve a slightly more decorative version, you may attach¬†plaster decorations, which are very easy to do by yourself. You only¬†need a suitable mold and some plaster powder. These may be found¬†at hobby stores. Alternatively, you may use the plastic molds for chocolate that you can find inside advent calendars. To implement, mix plaster powder with a small amount of water in a small bowl. The suitable consistence is slightly more liquid than toothpaste. If you use very liquid plaster, it takes more time for the decorations to dry and¬†their durability tends to be lower than with decorations made out of thicker paste.



STEP 3: Glue it!

After the plaster decorations are dry, you can attach them to your frame with glue. Note that plaster decorations suit only frames that have flat surfaces.

STEP 4: Color in, Dulness out!

After the glue has dried, it¬īs time to paint! We usually use one base coat for the entire frame. Then we highlight the desired areas¬†with slightly darker or lighter colors or tones. For some frames we also used metal colors such as gold or silver. With these colors you can highlight the parts of your plaster decorations that you really want to show.




STEP 5: Ready to enjoy

As you see, it doesn’t take a¬†millionaire to own¬†beautiful frames and paintings. Inside your frame, you may mix and match different element to create unique and custom made works of art that fit with the rest of your decor. We found gift bags made of paper at a discount, EUR 2 each, and cut off the bird pictures we wanted. For the background we used inexpensive¬†gift paper. You can also use several smaller pictures instead of one big one. Combine all the small pictures together and attach them to a matching background paper. They will create a beautiful display together.

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