Christmas DIY to do with kids during the holidays

Christmas holidays are still continuing so why not enjoy life and do what we like the most. Besides eating chocolate we felt like doing some handicrafts. This DIY idea dates back to the lyrical 80’s and suits the entire family. May I present to you: The Cheese Candles 🙂

All you need are some candles you would like to decorate and some cheese. The cheese that is good for this handicraft needs to have a paraffin wax rind. For example Edam cheese is usually covered with a red wax rind. Remove the wax from the cheese and cut into cute decorations with a knife or a cookie cutter. The wax decorations are easy to fasten just by pressing them gently on the candle (the cheese-side towards the candle).  The decorations will melt simultaneously when the candle itself is burning.

In candle light,








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