The dearest Christmas decorations delight year after year!

Limonaria Design wishes a Merry Christmas to all its readers! The holiday season is such a lovely time, don’t you think? I cannot decide if it is the Christmas preparations or the actual Christmas celebration the best part of the entire holiday. Perhaps it is the exciting combination of both.

In our family the cooking of traditional Christmas dishes and the decoration of the house for Christmas are both important steps in Christmas preparations. Christmas tree decorations have changed several times during the years. Christmas trees have been covered with elegant decorations in glass and silver. At times the atmosphere has been oriental and once or twice we have had the opportunity to enjoy decorations in shades of aqua matching perfectly with the rest of our living room decoration.

Even though some Christmas decorations seem to change with the latest trends and current tastes, there are still quite many items that delight us year after year.  The adorable decorations made by children belong of course to this group. I am also very fond of my Christmas porcelain figurines and china by Villeroy & Boch. These include for instance a music box, a tiny serving bowl and a small locker shaped as a snowman.  I noticed a few years ago that our local crafts store was selling different Christmas figurines in white porcelain and I thought why not paint my own ones to accompany the ones I had from V&B. In this picture you can see the Christmas church, house, Christmas tree and the elf with a pig. I can honestly say that painting these Christmas figurines has been one of the most relaxing DIY Christmas crafts that I have ever done. These dearest ones are decorating our home again this Christmas and they will be at the center of our holiday celebrations as usual 🙂

Wishing you all a relaxing Holiday,




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