Christmas Cheese platter with a new twist: Sugar snow veiled fruits

Christmas is getting closer and some of us are thinking feverishly of gifts while others can almost taste the upcoming grand menu. I am, as usual, doing both 🙂 Many traditional Christmas dishes will be seen on our Christmas dinner table but there will also be some new acquaintancies. Usually we serve a cheese platter but this year I wanted to have a new twist in it. I ended up decorating some sugar snow veiled fruits to accompany some blue cheese.

How to do sugar snow veiled fruits:

Wash and dry the fruits of your choice. Place them on baking paper. Whip some egg whites lightly and brush over the fruits. Mix 1/3 parts icing sugar and 2/3 parts caster sugar together and sprinkle over the fruits. Let dry before serving. Feast with your eyes and mouth 🙂


I wish you a tasty weekend!


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