The Garden’s Balance Sheet

November is here and we are one step nearer to winter. Luckily enough we still can enjoy the best delights of autumn for a few moments. We gardeners tend to be busy during these shortening autumn days and now it will finally be determined: who was the winner in the end – the bugs or the gardener 😉 I am happy to see that many things succeeded well during the summer but we definitely faced some adventures as well.

Last winter was harsh due to a very thin snow layer and many gardeners had to face the worst when spring revealed all winter damages. I personally mourned some roses, clematises, blueberries and other beloved dwellers of my garden which had faced their doom. Also losses on my herbs were heavy but since nature is unpredictable, the same herbs decided to grow and prosper in the rocky side of the garden where they have earlier grown very poorly. Once again I noted that herbs should not be valued just for to their taste since their bloom can easily compete against many valued garden flowers. They are also very long lasting inside in a vase. In addition, they bring a lot of fun to the garden by inviting different kinds of flying creatures for a visit.



For some peculiar reason I always grow Scotch Marigold in my garden, even though I am not a special friend of orange coloured flowers. Perhaps I do it unconsciously because it now came to my mind that they can repel some unwanted bugs. You can also see a giant pumpkin plant in the picture. Its way of growing is so powerful that it frightens me to believe that on some morning it has conquerred and covered the entire garden. But I think that winter will put a stop to its plans quite soon and I do not have to fear this for much longer.


This summer I planted pea seeds in pots. I wanted the peas to grow against the garden fence but they were reluctant to cooperate. Fortunately beans are behaving better and acting as I wish!

Have you recognized that some gardeners are aiming for an edible harvest while others are longing for maximized bloom. I long for both. The most successful bloom was from asters that I grew from seeds and dahlia tubers bought from LIDL. I had almost forgotten that I had ever planted them when they suddenly announced themselves by growing enormously during our summer trip to Granny’s. Snails are sometimes an annoyance but this year they behaved themselves. However there were some not so friendly fellows who decided to eat both the rocket salad and the dill. Since the other members in my family disliked the idea of eating half-eaten salads, I had to leave them all to the beasts.



In spring time when gardeners are usually slightly perplexed by all the excitement that the new season is offering, I had planted different tubers and bulbs here and there around the garden. As a result of this whimsy, some lilies appeared accidently in the vegetable garden. The lilies really know how to make an entrance! They are totally self-absorbed and entirely ignore the fact that they were neighboring plants as ordinary as potatoes. They are just magnificent by how they look! I was able to experience the ultimate happiness of a gardener when there were so many that I dared to cut off a few and was able to enjoy their beauty inside as well.


I already told you that my cucumbers were acting in a strange way this year. I grow them from seeds and it usually works quite well, but this year the cold weather during spring was too much for the delicate seedlings and they could not make it outside. My other attempt was more successful with sturdy seedlings but their final shape was questionable. By the way, what do you think about this green ceramic bowl of mine? I found it from a flea market one week ago and it was only 3 euros/ USD 3.3 🙂


Even though my cucumbers were a bit odd, the carrots turned out normal! I also managed to grow some moss around the stones which has been on my wish list for a long time. I nurtured the moss with buttermilk and it clearly knew how to be thankful.


Finally autumn is also about the traditional apples and rowanberries. To be honest, I did not do much effort for them despite some friendly chats every now and then and a few pets.  These sour treasures turned into apple juice, apple jam and rowanberry jelly in my kitchen to be enjoyed during the long and dark winter evenings by the fire. My garden rewarded me also with one red, exotic hot thing but I will tell you all about it later 😉


Enjoying the lovely autumn days,



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