Summer’s flea market bargains – Vase Vol. 1

This summer has been a very fruitful time to hunt at flea markets. Flea markets are often organized jointly with summer fairs and luckily enough, there seem to be people who are willing to sell the left-overs from their spring cleaning to the ones who are more than happy to dive into some serious rummage. I especially enjoy ordinary flea markets where average Joes are selling their stuff. I feel that my chances of doing any real discoveries at official vintage stores are unlikely when the seller knows exactly the fair value of their offered products. For reasons that still remain a mystery, during this summer I have come across with several vases just yelling my name. It is difficult to say if I really did need them all, but as you understand that is not really the debate. If you are a true flea market bargainer, you know that when an opportunity presents itself you go for it. And I certainly did 🙂

Without further ado, I present my flea market bargain – “Vase Vol. 1”

– seasoned with my favorite flowers, of course!




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