White and Peach, Summer Breeze, decoration this one see – Living room’s updated summer style

Can you remember an earlier post about a peachy living room decoration seasoned with navy blue. When the summer came, I wanted to lighten the atmosphere by replacing the previous navy blue with some white elements. I have the most adorable white cotton lace curtains that usually bring spring feeling into this room. I have previously matched them with an aqua colored interior as that was the main color of the room earlier. Now I wanted to see how they go together with the new peachy décor.SummerPeachI bought the white lace curtains a few years ago when I did a trip around the Tuscany and Umbria areas in Italy. It was one of the most lovable journeys I ever did and has given me many memorable moments also later through these different souvenirs that found their way back home in my small suitcase.

The curtains were sold in a tiny shop in one of the ancient castle villages where time simply seems to have stopped. When we stepped into the shop and saw all the handmade linen things, I could not believe my eyes. It is getting rarer and rarer to find anything handmade these days. When I was a child, we did several trips to Greece where my mom was always drawn to these similar shops as this tiny one in Tuscany. She often returned from them with one or two tablecloths with her. Typically those were decorated with cross-stitching in cheerful colors while the Tuscan versions were with white embroideries. Well, as you see, history repeats itself: Also I left the shop extremely happy with my new summer curtains 🙂 I do not know if this skill of shopping and enjoying it is inherited or learned but its force is strong in me!PersikkainenIlmeI also replaced the old bed valance of the sofa with a peach colored one and the furry winter rug with a cotton rag rug from IKEA. I also added some white lace cushions on the sofa. Some of them are souvenirs from different parts of southern Europe while some of them are treasures hunted from second hand shops or flea markets.  From flea markets you can often find old pillow cases with embroidered initials. Sometimes they have been left totally unused when prince charming lost his way. Luckily I don’t have any problems if the initials are not mine because I happen to love these items despite that. In fact I know a few people who’s hobby it is to collect pillow cases with as many different initials as possible. I do not possess such storage space 🙂

PersikkaAsetelmaOn the coffee table I arranged a still life with rose and peach colored glass items. The tallest glass bottle is an heirloom of my family while the small bottle and the sherry glasses are from flea markets. In case you were wondering about the origin of the vase which in fact is a jar, I reveal that I painted it myself with porcelain paint. I have used porcelain painting when decorating different places at home. You can e.g. paint your own tiles.

Persikkaa&ValkeaaThe rose decorated cake stand is from H&M Home while its cakes are one of my DIY projects Everlasting cakes. This is the only way to maintain delicious looking treats in this house any longer than an hour. And what do you think about the sunflower painting on the wall? It is self-made and one of the few I have made during the years. I have actually had this painting in another room but noticed that it fit quite well in this scenery. I’ll let it stay for now or at least until the next color change 🙂


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