Cookbook therapy

I love browsing through cookbooks. It is nice to play with different ideas about servings that could be for forthcoming, or sometimes just imaginary, parties. I find myself in this pursuit especially when I am hungry 🙂 Also, reading cookbooks in bed before going to sleep is relaxing. By doing so, you can get the best dreams ever! I adore cookbooks that serve recipes accompanied by little stories. They give a personal touch and remind us that food is often nourishment for our souls as well as our stomachs.

Luckily there are several good cookbook writers. Like many others, I like the casual style of Nigella Lawson acheter cialis sans ordonnance. At the moment you can find her book “Nigella Express” on my bedside table.  One of the best books when looking for perfect recipies for both sweet and savory pies is the book “America’s best pies” by Agneta Weilandby. I have had this book for years and I am still using it regularly. Another very nice small book with maximum content is written by Anna Bergenström from Sweden. Anna presents several (actually all of them are) excellent recipes. My favorite in her book is the “Cookies by Granny Inga”. Our household seems to consume more of them than I am able to produce!

Nowadays cookbooks have been replaced with food blogs to some extent. Surfing for food is also a nice way to spend an evening or two  🙂 Just recently I came across one Finnish food blog called Patalintu. I immediately tried one of their recipes, the goat cheese pastries. For those of you who don’t read Finnish, I can translate that this recipe contains ready-made dough used in puff pastries, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and lemon seasoned pesto. The taste is great and they don’t look bad either. Here is a photo as an appetizer 🙂

Coat Cheese pastry

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