A still life with the grandmother’s vase and tulips – Cherish the old in your interior

The focal point of this still life is the aqua colored vase. It used to belong to my grandmother and before that to her mother. When I was a little girl, my grandmother lived in a big house and she used to have artificial wood anemones in this vase. In my eyes, they looked so, so beautiful. My grandmother passed away nearly 20 years ago but I still can remember the warm and loving atmosphere that she was able to create around her. I miss her a lot and this vase brings back very nice memories of her. I love that I can decorate my home with accessories and furniture that tell a story. They are important because those stories are a part of me and my family’s history. Of course it is nice to buy every now and then some brand-new things for your interior but the old things are the inner soul of your home. You should keep and cherish them.


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