Oh I’m just peachy! An orange, peach and baby pink parlour

I have already for a long time wanted to create a peachy interior. Maybe you can remember from a previous post that this living room used to be decorated with aqua and turquoise but when the spring sun started spreading its warmth through the windows, I felt that something sunny was needed to clear away all remaining wintery feelings.

The problem just seemed to be that there were not yet so many peach decoration items or textiles available. Instead, I was bumping into orange and peach clothes all the time. (I have now several outfits to match the new living room deco…)  However, after a delighting search, I managed to find some ready-made solutions and some suitable elements for DIY. Feel welcome to visit this new peachy living room! Oh I am just peachy

For an interior decoration, there is always some tricky part and for this one it was the curtains. I was not able to find any peach colored fabric at stores and I did not fancy the idea of spending a fortune in ordering the fabrics abroad. I started to go through the boxes of left over pieces at the draper´s and was able to find fabrics with suitable colors but the pieces were too short for curtains. Actually, I needed to visit three different stores to find all the pieces for the curtains, so it was definately a voyage of discovery! Boy, did I feel lucky when I managed to find the last needed piece! So as you can see, I attached the short pieces together and that way created curtains of suitable length!


The original idea was just to mix different shades of orange but when strolling around at the draper´s, I found this geometric blue and white satin fabric that I decided to use as a bed valance for my sofa. The navy blue accompanied with the geometrical pattern gives some needed posture for the interior avoiding an overly peachy and sweet look. The bedcover I needed to sew by myself but it was reasonable easy. Many of the cushions instead are ready-made: Blue&white geometric and 3D floral cushions by HM Home and the hairy one from Ellos. The white geometric one with the orange silk piping is sewed from an IKEA´s tea towel. Handy, right 🙂


PeachTulips PeachInterior The china vases are accompanied by a metal plate that is a flea market bargain. I remember it had a price tag of USD 11 (c.10 euros) but I managed to negotiate it down to half price. The flowers are artificial. As you have probably noticed, you can find them everywhere at the moment, so popular they are.


The hairy carpet is echoing the geometrical pattern of the bed valance but also matches well with the ornamental china vases. The small rococo sofa is covered with fake fur in dark blue. It is a nice place for a dog to relax and enjoy the day. I bet you did not even notice her there 🙂


The interior is not just about the big elements, also the small details are equally important. Actually, all this fuss and search for the perfect orange and peach colored items started already a few years ago when I found this small orange colored glass lamp at a flea market. I immediately fell in love with the color and imagined an interior of peach as a background for the lamp. The hand painted bowl is also from a flea market while the glass jar came from HM home. The peach velvety bunny is from Tiger. As you see, the decoration items might have a second purpose as well: I am for example using earrings and a ring as decoration items. They can very well decorate the interior while they are not decorating someone else 🙂

Flowers FlowerArrangementPeachBeauty

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