Easter Decorations

Easter Holidays are here! This is one of our favourite seasons to decorate because the bunnies and easter eggs look so cute and the color palette to be used is enormous. For instance, you can find feathers in a variety of colors to match with your overall interior. This is also a nice season to make decorations yourself since you can e.g. decorate branches collected from your garden and use real egg shells for several different Easter decorations and arrangements. Here are a few Easter decoration ideas for you to enjoy!


Traditional arrangement with willow branches decorated with feathers in colors of aqua and light smoke



Sweet Easter dreams under this lovely all white DIY egg wreath!


BunniesThis is an easy to make Easter decoration: Just pile your eggs in a hurricane lamp and accompany them with cute bunnies.



Bring some blossoming branches inside and spring is immediately closer 🙂



If you are a friend of colors, this is the perfect season to fool around with all the colors of the rainbow



The Egg plate by Villeroy & Boch is colonized by eggs from different parts of the world brought as souvenirs.



Happy Easter Folks!



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