A love story that never ends – The sweetheart of your wedding decoration

Are you looking for decoration ideas for your upcoming wedding? Or maybe you are just browsing for some romantic elements to sweeten your interior? These DIY hearts will suit both 🙂

We used iron wire, glass pearls, satin lace and dried rose buds. And this is what we got!
Sustainable love – reused glass pearls from a broken pearl necklace. It does not have to be all pink! Thinking Green at your wedding 🙂


This love story will ask a bit more commitment. We upholstered the iron wire with satin lace. The idea is similar as in our earlier post about creased cushion piping. First, sew the satin fabric or satin lace to a tube form and turn it so that the sewed edges are inside the tube. Then, simply thread the iron wire inside the satin tube and form the whole thing into a shape of a heart. Complete with rose buds.

Get ready for romance!
You can also accompany the satin heart decoration with the initials of the bride and groom.

You can use the same technique for the initials as instructed above for the pearl heart.


You can also create a heart display with different hearts. Lovable!


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