Big DIY greeting cards with a hint of personal twist and some crystal sparkle

Have you recently been in need of those big, two fold greeting cards? Well, we needed to buy one just a few days ago and realized that all the cards were quite dull for our taste and definitely lacking that little something that would grace someone’s special occasion. Sometimes those occasions are days full of happiness in the sun but at times days of sorrow in the shade. When taking part in these occasions you need your card to be something special. The ready made cards usually just don’t have that impact.

Once again it was time for some DIY activity. Fortunately enough we did not mind, quite the contrary as you can probably guess. What a nice excuse to spend some time first in the hobby store and then by our desk with the handicrafts 🙂

A peaceful card with some rustic feeling
A card with a hint of lilac and a crystal decoration with a silk ribbon to hold the inner paper in place. The inner paper gives a festive impact.

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