Seashell decorated wreath to remind you of the lazy days in the sun

Can you still remember you last vacation by the beach? The long walks on white velvety sand, the crystal clear warm waters and the sweet drinks accompanied by purple sunsets. These kinds of memories are nice and comforting e.g. on Monday mornings when life in general feels… well, not so enchanting. From these feelings we developed a handicraft idea.

We have a habit of collecting seashells for souvenirs when travelling since we hope to remember all the good things and the relaxing atmosphere of our leisure time when returning home. Here we present one possibility to display them nicely in your interior. Just follow the instructions below to create a beautiful seashell wreath.

Start by travelling somewhere where you can find beautiful seashells (this is by far the best part of this handicraft idea!), choose a wreath and decorate it with your beloved seashell souvenirs. You may find a hot glue gun useful here. When ready, place the wreath so that you can have a clear view of it whenever you are in need of some uplifting thoughts.


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