Do you love endless household tasks? No? – Do a pearl ribbon instead :)

Once in a while we all get bored of housework. It’s an infinite source where that work comes from. You only need to turn your head for minute and there it is again, as laborious as before or even more: dishes, laundry, mouths to feed, dust to vacuum, you name it!

Sure, the house looks nicer after a few hours of work but there are also other ways of making your house more presentable in the same time. Our suggestion will produce you something nice for your home, and above all, it will last longer than tidiness. And did we already mention that it is also very relaxing 🙂

How to create a pearl ribbon to decorate your interior:

You need a fishing line, some pearls (you can use your broken necklaces here) and something to put to the end of the ribbon, for example Christmas tree decorations or something similar. Then all you need to do is thread the pearls through the fishing line and enjoy your progress while the string of pearls gets longer and longer.

Final conclusion: We highly recommend handicrafts instead of household tasks. Besides, household tasks will always wait for you, so don’t rush!


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