Turn horror into happiness with this easy DIY lamp decoration idea

Do you remember the old failytale by Hans Christian Andersen about the ugly duckling that turned in the end into a beautiful swan? Well, this is our version of that lovable story 🙂

The bird in our story isn´t really a bird at all but an old hideous wall lamp. Actually, we do not even want to show you how ugly the lamp was before its transformation because you just would stop reading this story, so ugly the lamp was! But as we have this habit of turning horror into happiness, we decided to give it a try.

This required only two simple steps: 1) We painted the metallic lamp shade and frame with ordinary hobby paint and 2) glued on a beautiful picture of lilacs to give it a finishing touch. Again, quick and easy 🙂  Now you can get the lampshade with the color that matches exactly with you interior!


P.S. We paid 3 euros (c. 3.4 USD) for the lamp at the flea market.

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