Longing for blooming summer gardens: Try these DIY rose scented sachets as a cure

Sometimes during the longest hours of the dark winter we get filled with an aching yearning for summer and its delights. One of the things that we miss perhaps the most are the roses in our garden, their different scents, sometimes gentle and mild, sometimes suffocatingly heavy. While there are still several months until they blossom, we are meanwhile comforting us with these DIY sachets full of the promising scents of blooming rose gardens.

If your heart is also longing for summer, follow these easy steps to gladden your body and soul:

1 Step – Fabrics: We chose a nice linen fabric and cut some roses from a rose patterned cotton fabric to decorate our sachet.

2 Step – Sewing: First, we sewed the roses with small zigzag stiches onto the base fabric. Then we sewed the edges of the base fabric together to form the sachet itself.

3 Step – Scent: Previously we have used rose petal potpourri but now we just happened to come across a piece of soap with a heavenly scent of autumn roses. We crushed the soap in a mortar (which is by the way quite a relaxing task after a hard working day) into small pieces and simply filled the sachet with these soap crumbs. The best thing is that that the scent seems to last very long, hopefully until the next real petals show up!


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