From a runner into curtains: An easy peasy DIY idea for customized curtains for small windows

We were in a need of some curtains that would fit a very small window in a bathroom and in a powder room. Again, we spent several hours wandering around different interior decoration stores but just could not find any readymade curtains of correct size. Even though wondering around home decoration shops equates to our perception of heaven, the problem was still not solved. We decided to turn to plan B, and changed the destination of our daily treks towards the draper´s.

But we did not have much luck there either. Beforehand, we had imagined to find curtains with some cute country styled text printed on it. Sadly, we were only able to find ones that had pattern all over, and since we wanted to have the print in a specific place on the curtain, this was again a failure.

Then the other day when discussing how difficult it is to find curtains to older houses with smaller or unique shaped windows, and yet there are e.g. several nice table runners available with both suitable text and style, we got it! Our solution: the table runners, of course! Their windth is just right for small windows and they can be cut in two so you get two curtains from one table runner! Or if you wish to attain very long curtains, you just need to buy two pieces and even that won´t cost you a fortune. Just a little bit of sewing and a snippet of decoration ribbon and it is READY to be hanged!

See our DIY curtains that are made from table runners by H&M Home and Hemtex.

 DIYCurtainsOat´s & CO by HM Home


A decoration detail: A fringe ribbon


126 Rue de Lafayette by HEMTEX



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