A Christmas card stand for your favorite greetings from your favourite sweetie pies

Soon the postman starts bringing in lovely Christmas cards sent from relatives and from dear friends. Many of the cards are beautiful and it would be nice to display them to both remind us all of our loved ones and to decorate our homes. So, we decided to create a special place to admire these greetings. What do you think bonuses? We hope you like it 🙂

LoveLettersFirst, we chose a suitable piece of board and made some plans about how we would place all the intended decorations on it. Then we just followed these 5 easy steps:

  1. Glue the plaster decorations and moldings on the board. See more info about plaster decorations from our previous posts.
  2. Paint the whole thing with a chosen color.
  3. Attach some decoupage pictures with Christmas motifs found at hobby stores with decoupage varnish.
  4. Attach the knobs.
  5. Hang a few cards on and enjoy a cup of tea with ginger biscuits while waiting new greetings to arrive. Nice and relaxing 🙂


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