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  • Easter Decorations

  • Easter Holidays are here! This is one of our favourite seasons to decorate because the bunnies and easter eggs look so cute and the color palette to be used is enormous. For instance, you can find feathers in a variety of colors to match with your overall interior. This is also a nice season to make decorations yoursel[...]
  • Hand-painted Easter eggs

  • We simply love hand-painted Easter eggs, they look so enchanting. The only problem is that it feels a bit laborious and tricky task to empty all those eggs: so many omelets to eat :) But no worries, you can find several different solutions available at hobby stores. We personally like wooden eggs but some prefer paper [...]
  • Garden inspired DIY signs

  • Every now and then we come across with some pieces of wood that seem to be without purpose at first sight. But, they really are not! You can create for example cute signs of them as we decided to do. As you see, these signs have been inspired by our garden. It seems that our hearts and minds are already in the upcoming[...]