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  • Do it yourself card for Valentine's Day

  • Tuesday is getting closer and surely many of us are thinking of how to surprise our loved ones. I am thinking of giving a sausage for my lovely hairy ones but the less hairy ones will have to bear the consequenses of my free weekend. There are many different kinds of friends and friendships but there is something commo[...]
  • Christmas DIY to do with kids during the holidays

  • Christmas holidays are still continuing so why not enjoy life and do what we like the most. Besides eating chocolate we felt like doing some handicrafts. This DIY idea dates back to the lyrical 80’s and suits the entire family. May I present to you: The Cheese Candles :) All you need are some candles you would like to[...]
  • The dearest Christmas decorations delight year after year!

  • Limonaria Design wishes a Merry Christmas to all its readers! The holiday season is such a lovely time, don't you think? I cannot decide if it is the Christmas preparations or the actual Christmas celebration the best part of the entire holiday. Perhaps it is the exciting combination of both. In our family the cooking[...]
  • Christmas mince pie that everyone wanted to have more

  • Are you already fed up with mince pies? There are still a few days of pie time left so here is an alternative recipe for those of you who have already enjoyed one too many of the traditional ones.  In addition, children might prefer this filling more than the traditional plum jam. So you might end up baking these sever[...]
Christmas Cheese platter with a new twist: Sugar snow veiled fruits
  • The Garden's Balance Sheet

  • November is here and we are one step nearer to winter. Luckily enough we still can enjoy the best delights of autumn for a few moments. We gardeners tend to be busy during these shortening autumn days and now it will finally be determined: who was the winner in the end - the bugs or the gardener ;) I am happy to see th[...]
  • Strange things are taking place in my garden...

  • I have been growing cucumbers for several years already. We eat them fresh but most of them I pickle because I love Russian pickled cucumbers. When fall entered my garden and the cucumbers were ready to be harvested, I noticed that they were looking quite odd this year - pear shaped cucumbers :) What on earth did I do [...]
  • Summer's flea market bargains - Vase Vol. 2

  • As I mentioned a few posts ago, this summer has brought me more than one new vase. May I present - The Summer's Flea Market Bargains - Vase Vol. 2! What do you think? It is hand painted, and actually quite ably so, a vase with cold-plated decorations. Each side presents its own romantic scene of a misty garden. I must [...]
  • Summer's flea market bargains - Vase Vol. 1

  • This summer has been a very fruitful time to hunt at flea markets. Flea markets are often organized jointly with summer fairs and luckily enough, there seem to be people who are willing to sell the left-overs from their spring cleaning to the ones who are more than happy to dive into some serious rummage. I especially [...]